Research Methods

Speed Dating Transcription (2 / 8)

Research Method 1: Wizard of Oz and Co-Creating Journey Maps

In what ways can these two methods work together? If not, explain why?

By using a journey map beforehand, you could predict the pain points of an interface reaction before performing the live user testing. …

Video showcasing work from all three projects

Music Selection

I began selecting my song by refining my 50-word statement so that I could get a sense of the different sections of my video.

After doing this I knew that I needed two main pauses and a final one at the end to reveal the typeface name, Meta.

I browsed…

To start this project we were tasked with writing an essay regarding the history and visual characteristics of our chosen typeface. In addition to this, we have to encapsulate what we learn into a 50-word statement.

Notes on Typeface

  • Name of Typeface: FF Meta
  • Font family: Humanist Sans-serif
  • Name of Designer: Erik Spiekermann

Project Background:

Through a set of specific and systematic exercises, we will explore typographic variables in clarifying a message based on the content’s hierarchy. Take your time in exploring each of these variables, so you fully appreciate what they can do. …


To begin today’s class we viewed a video on empathy to stress the importance of perspective-taking and how we should avoid “silver lining” other people’s personal issues. …

Daniel Zhu and Ian Lippincott

Society’s singular focus on happiness and designers engineering said happiness into products, has led us to think about the importance of emotional variation. Before Jonathan Chapman’s lecture, we were not aware of the difference between emotions, feelings, and moods, and how by designing only for…

I started the ideation process by making a chart of adjectives for my mouse and my shell. I then chose three common and words and one uncommon word to drive the creation of my hybrid form.

Common words are highlighted in blue, and the uncommon word is highlighted in red

I then began sketching out some ideas for a possible model, but I did…

We began by learning the method of drawing in 2-point perspective

The first assignment was to draw an environment with ten cubes

The second piece of this assignment was to draw an indoor space using 2-point perspective

Ian Lippincott

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