Women of Broadway: Visual Hierarchy

Analysis of Women of Broadway:

Part One:

Our Tools:

Exercise One: Stroke Weights:

  1. Obviously, the title of the event should receive the most attention.
  2. I then decided that the names of the artists should be the second largest.
  3. The dates and streaming location are necessary information, but not needed to draw the viewer’s attention.
  4. Finally, the event times and website should be at the lowest level of hierarchy as they are also not necessary for communication from a distance.

Exercise Two: Linespacing:

Exercise Three: Horizontal Shift (2 Flush Margins):

Exercise Four: Horizontal Shift (3 Flush Margins):

In-Class Exercise:

Part Two:

Exercise Five: Color:

Color On White:

White On Color:

Two Colors:

Three Colors:

Most Successful Compositions:

Exercise Six: Scale:

Part Three:

Exercise Seven: Images:

Initial Explorations:

Class Feedback:

Initial Refinements:

Feedback Before Final Crit:

  • “Women of” and “Broadway” should be the same size since they should be on the same level of hierarchy
  • The lowercase “o” and capital “B” are lining up (but adjusting type size should fix this
  • Achieve more hierarchy in the names of the actresses (different leading, different placement, different size)
  • Give more thought to the text that communicates the fact that this is an online event

Path to Final Poster:

Making the Final Poster:

Final Poster:




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